Not only are we dreaming about hearing
that gobbler in a couple months;  we're also
getting out there figuring out where our
birds are right now.  This is a great time of
they year to take a good inventory of your
turkey flock. Our turkey tour can not come
soon enough!
2013 Turkey Teaser
Shed hunting was a blast again this
weekend. No matter where we go or
what hole we hit the ECH crew loves
putting those miles in. Being in shape
for turkey season is a serious deal to
us. Hunting for  . . .

This is the time of the year to get out
there and find those  horns!  We're
having a great season so far.  Check out
all our photos in the gallery!
Here is something
cool that I am
looking forward to
using this year!  It's
Covert Cameras
Special Ops Black.  
This camera will  
send pictures to your phone or email!
I recently spent a day in the Covert
Cameras booth . . .